• Professional Cleaning Service

  • A professionally cleaned office

  • Carpets – brought back to life

  • Desks - gleaming

  • Proper attention given to valuables

  • Confidence of security from a regular team

  • And all sorted whilst you’re not there


Terms and Conditions

Regular Domestic Cleaning (minimum two hours per visit)

As part of this type of cleaning, we will:


Payments should be made by cash, cheques or direct debit. If payment is made in cash, it should be given directly to the cleaner at the end of a cleaning service.

Cancellation of agreed work

We wish to retain and keep our cleaners happy and continue to provide Makaron Limited's clients with their good services. In order to achieve this goal, Makaron Limited has decided that:

1. Cancellation of work
2. Client’s ill health

When there is a cancellation because of the client’s ill-health, a phone call must be made on the morning of the cleaning service at the latest (or earlier if possible), however, a retainer fee must be paid if the client wishes to retain the cleaner’s services, otherwise the cleaner shall be placed elsewhere.

3. Client's holidays

Two weeks’ warning should be given to Makaron Limited when there is a cancellation of work and a retainer’s fee should be paid if the Client wishes to keep the same cleaner. Clients can ask for spring cleaning to be done while on holiday.

4. Cleaner’s holidays

Makaron Limited will inform a client a week in advance of the dates of a cleaner’s holiday and will replace the services with another cleaner. Makaron Limited cannot promise to send such a cleaner on the same day and time (an agreed arrangement can be made by phone).
f a cleaner is ill, Makaron Limited shall tell the client as early as possible, replacing her with another cleaner, with the client’s agreement.

5. Termination of Service
6. Cleaning appointments
7. The Services Provided Are:
8. Child Minding Services
Private Employment of our Cleaners

The client is not allow to employ any Makaron LTD cleaner for a period of at least six months after: