• Professional Cleaning Service

  • A professionally cleaned office

  • Carpets – brought back to life

  • Desks - gleaming

  • Proper attention given to valuables

  • Confidence of security from a regular team

  • And all sorted whilst you’re not there


Professional carpet cleaning.

Past experience and modern washing machines give you a guarantee of the highest quality of our services.

Why should we outsource the cleaning services?

Makaron Ltd's cleaning eliminates the following found in our carpets or upholstered furniture:

We also deal with oily substances, wax, rust, blood, coffee, chewing gum, food, juices, red wine, vomit, ink grease, ink, mites and other stubborn stains.

Please note: Carpet Cleaning prices are subject to change due to the size, condition and degree of contamination. There is a minimum charge of £ 45 per visit. Parking fee may apply.